Partner Program

Today SaralPayroll is helping to address the payroll processing needs of Indian Organizations. As Saralpayroll continues to expand its reach in Indian Market making payroll processing easier we understand the need to partner with organization that carries a similar vision. In order to fulfill this we have established SaralPayroll Channel Program designed for organizations to expand their current portfolio and geographical reach.

We at SaralPayroll consider partners as an extension of our core team. SaralPayroll Partner Program is intended to target, grow and support both existing and new channel partners. Partners can leverage on our expertise as a leading payroll management Software provider in the Indian Market, thus providing an opportunity to provide an excellent Payroll Management solution to their client. This program is designed for the needs of Indian Organization in payroll domain and product they require which fits in their today’s ever changing need.

Why should you consider SaralPayroll as your partner?

With wide array of features covering all aspect of payroll management, Saralpayroll gives you an advantage over other payroll software’s not only in terms of feature but other benefits like excellent support, marketing collaterals and most important revenue thus providing you a 360 degree advantage over other payroll software.

Some of the benefits of being a Channel Partner of SaralPayroll

  • Access to a wider market space
  • Complete marketing and sales collateral support
  • Regular updates on projects, solutions and client engagements
  • Flexible pricing options
  • Accessibility to a great training curriculum
  • Technical Support
  • Excellent ROI
  • High Conversion Rates
  • Continuous Revenue
  • High Customer Satisfaction
  • SaralPayroll Affiliate Partner

    As a SaralPayroll Affiliate Partner your responsibility would be to forward us the prospective leads with complete details. SaralPayroll team will take over with the follow-ups and lead conversion exercise. You can Re-sell SaralPayroll Applications to your prospective clients without the trouble of developing and maintaining them and can earn a hefty commission of 50% of the first month of subscription, payable after customer completes 6 payments. The Affiliate Program is easy to join and requires no commitment from you. Also, there are no cost or minimum sale requirements.

    SaralPayroll Sales Partner

    As a SaralPayroll sales Partner you can form marketing alliance with SaralPayroll and utilize your industry experience, sales reach and account relationships to position and sell SaralPayroll. Sales Partner will handle the sales cycle end-to-end, right from lead generation; regular sales follow ups till the lead conversion. SaralPayroll will be responsible for the support and service deliverables. We will also support you with all kinds of marketing collaterals and complete product training to keep you well equipped in dealing with a wider customer base. You can earn a hefty commission of 40% on sales made by you.

    SaralPayroll Sales Partner involves building a collaborative environment where the combined strengths of both the parties can be effectively leveraged to offer clients the right mix of technology, training and process expertise. You can earn a hefty commission of 40% on sales made by you.

    Partner Program Benefits

    SaralPayroll Partner Program is designed to deliver the best possible benefits to all its partners. Our channel partners enjoy distinct advantages at both levels; be it Sales Affiliate or Sales Partner.

    We, at SaralPayroll, know that successful partners are a key element of our company's success. Helping our partners develop new revenue opportunities, close new business leads and grow profits are the prime goals of SaralPayroll Partner Program.

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