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SaralPayroll Overtime Management allows you to manage overtime hours of the employees for the purpose of overtime payouts or for updating the compensatory leave balance for the employees. Overtime Management is integrated with Leave Management, Shift Management and Attendance Management modules thus providing complete integrated solution for effective leave management solutionWe at SaralPayroll understand the importance of support you require in transitioning from you payroll software to SaralPayroll and also while working on SaralPayroll. Our unmatched Support allows you to stay in touch with us as well as get your queries answered using multitude of our support tools. From email support, we provide you tools like our support page, support tutorials, blogs, support tickets, FAQs and more to make sure that all your queries/doubts related to payroll management are answered.

Ticket Manager

Ticket Manager module helps you to file Support requests when you face any technical issue while using SaralPayroll, thus proving users a better experience. These tickets are sent to our support team who help resolve your queries/issues at the earliest.


FAQ section of SaralPayroll helps you get answers to all your associated queries related to Payroll Management Software application, right here.


Our blog which we update as much as possible helps you learn latest updates in SaralPayroll application as well as informative information related to online payroll system.

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Key Benefits of Support

  • Manage Employee Overtime Calculation
  • Integrate Overtime with Attendance
  • Manage Employee Shift efficiently
  • Define and manage shift rules
  • Integrate overtime management with attendance