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Organizations need a powerful reporting module in payroll management software for their daily weekly and monthly reporting as well as statutory compliances requirement. SaralPayroll reporting module provides an easy interface for viewing the data and creation of reports. Reporting and Analytics module is divided in different sections and associated reports are linked to that section.
Reports have been categorized into different sections like Payroll Reports, Statutory Reports, Employee Reports, Leave Reports, Attendance Reports, Overtime Reports, and Claims Reports. These reports can be downloaded in CSV as well as PDF format. Appropriate filters can be used to generate these reports in required format.

Reports have been categorized as following:

Claims Reports Overtime Reports Attendance Reports Leave Reports Employee Report Statutory Reports Payroll Reports
Claims Report Monthly Overtime Monthly Attendance Employee Leave Report Monthly Birthday Report E.S.I.C. Statement Monthly Salary Report
Advances / Trips Report Monthly Late-In Time Attendance Leave Report Monthly Leave Report Year Completion Report Professional Tax Variable Component
Authorized Vs Unauthorized Leave Report Appraisal Report
Leave Per Type TDS Report
Leave Without Pay Tax Saving Report
Compensatory Report ESIC Report
EPF Report

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Key Benefits of Reporting and Analytics

  • Comprehensive reporting Interface
  • Download reports in CSV and PDF format
  • Complete information on payroll processing
  • Reports related to HRIS also added
Create and view your Daily Reports,weekly and monthly reporting as well as statutory compliance requirement.
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