Overtime Management

Overtime Management

SaralPayroll Overtime Management allows you to manage overtime hours of the employees for the purpose of overtime payouts or for updating the compensatory leave balance for the employees. Overtime Management is integrated with Leave Management, Shift Management and Attendance Management modules thus providing complete integrated solution for effective leave management solution.

Shift Management

Shift Management helps in defining and managing shift details for the organization, along with rules governing shift timing and grace period for overtime. Shift management allows you to define shift rules allowing you to manage employees shift effectively.

Overtime Report

BEmployee Overtime Report module helps HR department to get a complete view on the number of hours put in by an employee, total overtime hours, number of days with overtime hours. Relevant approval workflows are present allowing the HR department to update hours put in by the employees.

Linking Overtime hours with Salary/Leave

Going a step further, overtime hours can be integrated to salary in terms of overtime payment. SaralPayroll give you option to either integrate Overtime hours with the salary or you can integrate overtime hours with leave. These hours will add in the leave balance of the employees

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Key Benefits of Overtime Management

  • Manage Employee Overtime Calculation
  • Integrate Overtime with Attendance
  • Manage Employee Shift efficiently
  • Define and manage shift rules
  • Integrate overtime management with attendance
Overtime Management Module of SaralPayroll is an effective feature that helps in managing the Employee Overtime Process.
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