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Leave Management is one of the most important processes in an organization. It is an important aspect as it is directly linked to payroll as well as resource management since an organization which does not have a streamlined process for leave management can face issues in terms of delay in approval and losses in terms of communication gaps leading to demotivation of employees.Also the Leave Management System varies across organizations as different organizations follows different method for leave calculation as per their HR policy. An organization can have different accrual method for leave, multiple leave types, and multiple ways to assign these rules.

SaralPayroll Leave Management System provides you an option to create leave types as per as your requirement. It allows you to define accrual method like monthly, yearly, half yearly for leave assignment. You can define if you want to apply the deduction for unpaid leaves on calendar days/workings days and if you want your leave policy applied on financial year or calendar year.

SaralPayroll provides you a stress-free tool for managing leave, employee can apply leave using employee self service from their login their reporting manager/HR can approve leaves, as well as check their leave balance thus automating the leave management process. If there are any unpaid leaves (in case of negative balance), salary deduction would be auto calculated and deducted from employee’s salary. SaralPayroll helps you automate and streamline the entire leave management process.

Leave Accrual

Leave Accrual is defined in SaralPayroll Employee leave Management

Explanation Leave Type
Monthly Accrual allows you to define accrual on monthly basis. For example total leave is 12 - employee(s) will be assigned one leave per month and balance is carried forwarded Monthly
Monthly No Carry Forward Accrual allows you to define accrual on monthly basis but without any carry forward. For example total leave is 12 - employee(s) will be assigned one leave per month which is forfeited if the leave is not taken Monthly No Carry Forward
All the leave would be allocated to user at one time and user can take leave accordingly Yearly
Half of the leave would be allocated to the user in starting of year (financial year /Calendar Year) rest will be allocated after 6 months. In case of financial year next round of leave will be allocated in October, in case of financial year in June Half yearly

Leave Allocation

Leave Allocation is defined in SaralPayroll Employee Leave Management Software as follows:

Leave Type is allocated to all employees General
Leave type is allocated as per Year of Service Designation
Leave type is allocated as per Year of Service Year of Service
Leave Type is allocated to custom set of employee Custom

Manage Leave Type

Manage Leave Type helps you create custom leave types for your organization, leave types here signifies leaves for which employees can apply leaves. Administrator/HR can define leave rules for these leave type like accrual (total number of leaves and method of calculation for these leaves), as well as leave allocation rules

Apply Leave

Saral Payroll Apply leave feature allows employee to apply for leave by entering the details in an online leave application form mentioning the leave type and description of the leave. Once applied the leave request is automatically routed to the approving manager of the employee , who can then either approve or reject the application.

Approve/Reject Leaves

Approve/Reject leaves permits the manager/HR to approve or reject leaves of the employees based on the reason and resource requirement. Entire information along with employee’s leave balance can be seen before leave approval. Manager/HR can approve /reject leave based on this information.

Leave Balance

Leave Balance allows you to view the employee’s current leave balance. Real Time information of leave balance for a particular month can be viewed for the employee along with leave deduction.

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Key Benefits of Leave Management

  • Create Customize Leave Policy for your organization
  • Define Leave Rules for your organization
  • Automate Leave application process
  • Simplify Leave application process using employee self service
  • Integrate Leave management with payroll as well as attendance
Online Free Leave Management Software for managing Employees Leaves and Attendance along with Company's Leave Policy
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