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Employee Management Tool for HR

SaralPayroll Employee Management System deals with the organization of human resource in the organization. Since these details are unique to each employee it is important to maintain to record of these details from HRIS point of view. Saralpayroll helps you manage Employee details easily and efficiently and also help you keep track of all employees’ activities.

SaralPayroll Employee Data Management Software helps you manage all the details of the employees, as an administrator/hr it gives you whole lots of options, which can be divided into two parts general administration and employee payroll manager. As an Administrator/HR you can add a new employee in the organization, in case of large number of employee addition there is always an option to import from Excel. You can also manage employee profile in case of incorrect entry made by employee from employee self service, mark employee as an ex employee after he leaves the job, reset password and more.

Under Employee Payroll Manager there are whole lots of features which on one hands helps to customize employee payroll information, while on other hand it helps managing important payroll function like managing employee advances , managing tax declaration of employee for TDS calculation, applying compensatory off for the employee and generating Form 16 to name a few

Create New Employee

Create New Employee helps you add new employees in the organization, general details of an employee along with payroll information are added. As soon employee is added an email notification along with login credentials is sent to employee so he can login and use the system as per the permission assigned to him.

Edit Employee

Edit/View Employee allows you to update employee information related to HRIS. Employee can also update their information from their login thus reducing workload of HR department. Currently following modules are present in which employee information can be updated under following modules

Currently following modules are present in which employee information can be updated under following modules

  • Employee Personal Details
  • Educational Details
  • Address Details
  • Other Details
  • Emergency Contact
  • Job Details
  • Employee Reporting Details
  • Work Experience
  • Skills

Generate Form 16

Form 16 for the employees can be generated for the last and current financial year.

Change Password

Change Password helps you reset password for the employees in case of loss of password or security issue. An email notification with the updated password is sent to the user.

Compensatory Off

Update Compensatory Off allows you to manage compensatory off of the employee(s) in case they have worked on a public holiday as well as on weekly off.

Assign Component

Assign Component helps you to manage payroll components at employee level. This feature is extremely useful as it helps you to customize salary of employee as per their Gross Salary. We have a import feature for this so you customize salary of all the employee at one go

Advance and Loan Management

Advance and Loan Management help you manage employee’s advances; administrator/hr can enter advance value and can also define monthly deduction to be deducted from employee’s monthly salary, this deduction will take place every month till the total amount is paid by the employee.

Variable Component

Variable Component allows you to manage variable component for example bonus payment of an employee or sales commission for a month in employee’s salary. Variable component can be calculated on amount as well as formula.

Appraisal Management

Any changes in salary in terms of appraisal can be added from appraisal management. New Appraisal allows you to update appraisal information of the employee.

Tax Declaration

SaralPayroll Tax Declaration modules help you manage employee tax saving for the TDS calculation for the financial year. Employee can go ahead and enter the tax declaration for the current financial year, once applied administrator/hr can verify the details and approve so that it can be used for TDS calculation for the employees

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Key Benefits of Employee Management

  • Maintain a centralized repository of employee details
  • Customize Employee’s payroll components from here
  • View Complete Details of employees
  • Manage Employee’s advance and Loan payments
  • Define Employee bonus and Compensatory Leave from employee management
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