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SaralPayroll Dashboard provides a comprehensive as well as intuitive way to monitor enterprise payroll data thus optimizing decision making. The purpose of developing a Dashboard module is to offer at – a - glance understanding of organization payroll, leave and attendance trends to HR’s admin.

Using SaralPayroll Dashboard HR/ Admin can use most of the features from the Dashboard itself. It is divided into parts Header section which takes care of major features like generating salary, import manager, approve salary and more, thus allowing administrator a complete control on enterprise payroll.

Second Section comprises of widgets which allows users to customize their dashboard by shifting these widgets anywhere on the dashboard according to their convenience. To shift these dashboard widgets, users can click to drag and place widget anywhere on the Dashboard.Using these widgets admin /hr can view notifications well as intuitive graphical report of the employee. Never miss employee’s birthday or year completion milestone, with our birthday and employee milestone’s widget. Leaves can be approved by admin/hr from the dashboard itself view employee leaves in a calendar interface thus allowing you to get a complete insight on leave trends and allow you to plan work accordingly. Announcement can be made to employee from the dashboard itself, and time of visibility can be set.


SaralPayroll Header helps you to manage the important feature like Approve salary, View Reports, Generate Payslip, Import Manager can be viewed from the header and help you manage payroll efficiently.

Birthday in Month Widget

Birthday in Month widget allows you to view birthday of employee’s in the current month.

Year Completion Widget

Year Completion widget allows you to view year completion milestone of the employee’s in the current month.

Employee on Leave Widget

Employee on leave gives you a detailed overview on employee's on leave in the current week/month. It allows you to view employee on leave in weekly as well as monthly view in a calendar interface.

Reports Widget

Reports module allows you to view and download reports on the dashboard.

Leave Without Pay Widget

Leave without Pay Widget shows the list of employees who have taken extra leave and for whom salary has been deducted in the current month

Pending Leave Widget

Pending leaves widget allows to view list of all the leaves which are pending and has not been approved

Attendance Widget

Attendance widget gives you a general review on the attendance of the employee for the current date.

Announcement Widget

Announcement widget allows administrator / HR to create announcements to the employee’s regarding holidays or company policies. The announcements once created are visible on the dashboard of the employee's for the defined time.

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Key Benefits of Dashboard

  • Saralpayroll Dashboard offer visual as well as textual representation of payroll information
  • Widgets give you freedom to customize your dashboard allowing you to manage your dashboard as per you requirement
  • Gives you complete overview of the enterprise data
  • Approve Employee leaves from the dashboard itself
  • Intuitive Graphical report for payroll trends
  • Attendance Management widget for managing attendance better
Monitor and manage all the Enterprise Payroll Data by a comprehensive as well as intuitive Dashboard Feature of SaralPayroll.
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