Claims Processing System

 Claims Processing Software

SaralPayroll Claims Management System allows you to automate claim management process reducing your effort for claims processing and provides you paperless environment for managing employee claims. It helps you manage not only claims but also trip advances and salary reimbursement claims thus providing complete claim processing solution.
Claims Processing module provides you an integrated solution linking employee trip advances as well as salary reimbursement claims such as mobile allowance reimbursement and more to payroll thus providing you an integrated solution and making claim processing a breeze. Admin/ HR need not worry about claims reimbursement and the current procedure to create a paperless claims management process.
It also provides a self service environment for claims processing with its simple but effective claims processing workflow, with features like adding multiple expense items in a claim form, attaching claims receipts, make claim processing a breeze.

Manage Expense Items

In SaralPayroll, Expense Items are defined as items on which you can allow users to apply for claims or advance. You can create a new item, update their value and also remove them from your list.


Bands allow you to create Bands and update expense item limit for these defined bands. Once bands are defined they are assigned to Employees allowing you to define expense item limit for the employees as per his seniority and designation.

Trip Advance Management

SaralPayroll Advance Management module helps you to manage trip advance for the employee(s). Using Claims Processing System module employees can go ahead and apply for trip and apply advance for the trip from employee self service. Advance application is sent to the reporting manager /admin for approval who can approve/reject advance. Once approved advance for the trip is paid out in employee’s salary.

Trip Claims Management

SaralPayroll Claims Management Software for trip allows employees to apply for Trip claims as well as salary reimbursement related claims. Claims have been categorized into two types: Trip Claims allows you to manage claims related to trip, these claims are integrated with trip as well as advanced management module thus helping you manage complete claims management process. Salary Reimbursement claim allows your employees to apply for reimbursement sought on deduction components in salary. For example Mobile allowance given in employee’s salary can be paid out based on the bills submitted by the employee. It provide you a easy and efficient process for application, approval and processing of salary reimbursement claims.

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Key Benefits of Claims Management

  • Ability to manage travel claims and Advance
  • Ability to manage Salary Reimbursement Claims
  • Excellent Integration with other payroll modules
  • Simplified Workflow
  • Creates a paperless claims processing environment
  • Define Limit for expense items as per Bands