Attendance Management System

Attendance and Time Management System

SaralPayroll Attendance Management System helps you track your employees’ time and attendance automatically. It can be customized to work as per your company’s attendance policy.Employee Attendance Management System is integrated with other payroll and associated modules like Leave Management, Overtime Management, Shift Management, Holiday Manager and more to deliver a seamless and integrated solution.
We understand that requirements of each organization are different when it comes to managing attendance. So we understand that developing a basic process flow would not solve the purpose, so we have tried to develop our attendance software such that it can be customized by organizations at application level. SaralPayroll is the only software which gives you so many options for example employee can update attendance from their login (Punch In/ Punch Out), it can also be imported using CSV or administrator can mark attendance directly from his account. Attendance management module is linked with Holiday Manager and Leave Manager thus providing you complete information. Administrator can link attendance manager to shift management by defining shift hours and rules to calculate late time and overtime hours of the employees

Import Attendance

SaralPayroll Import feature allows you to import employee attendance information by using mass import feature. This allows you to update attendance of the entire employee at one go.

Holiday Manager

SaralPayroll Holiday manager allows you to define Public Holiday, Weekly Off for Organization also customized weekly off at employee level can be defined at employee level. Employee Holiday Manager allows you to define custom weekly off for the employee in case there weekly off changes in the month.

Punch In / Punch Out

Punch In/ Punch Out feature in Employee Self Service allows your employees to mark their attendance by Punch In daily attendance as well as punch out at the end of day.

Manual Attendance

Manual Attendance feature allows administrator/Hr to mark attendance of employee from his login , in this case employee access to attendance is withdrawn they can view their attendance but cannot mark them.

Attendance Report

Attendance report allows you to analyze attendance records of the employees. It gives the Total Duration Notes, In-Date/Time, Out-Date/Time put in by the employee.

Attendance Leave Report

Attendance Leave Report gives you complete employee wise summary of Total Working Days, Public Holidays, Leave balance, Leaves taken, Attendance and the Total deduction (if any) thus providing you a complete picture of employee’s attendance.

Late In Time Management

SaralPayroll also enables you to manage the late In Time logins of the employees. Rules can be defined by the administrator for Late In-Time; Grace Period allowed and Total late in-coming days. Reports based on these details can be created easily.

Salary Integration with Attendance

Salary Integration with attendance helps you to combine attendance module with salary, helping you to check discrepancy in the attendance and leave application of the employees. Salary cannot be generated for the month, if attendance leave report is not completed.

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Key Benefits of Attendance Management

  • Attendance Punch In/ Punch Out from Employee login
  • Attendance Punch In from Android/Iphone
  • Integration of Attendance Management from other payroll modules
  • Overtime and Late In Time Management
  • Attendance Correction Feature in case of wrong attendance
Cloud based Attendance Management Software for tracking Employee Attendance in an effective way that results in increased productivity all together.
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