Features of SaralPayroll

Employee Management

Employee Management deals with the organization of human resources. It provides the HR department the ability to manage employee details and keep track of all employee activities. Employee Management enables the administrator to add, edit, or delete user profiles that are going to use the system. Users are assigned various roles such as Employee, Manager, and HR, their access rights are linked to the one defined for that role. Permission based sharing ensures secure collaboration and information sharing within the organization on our online payroll software.

Employee Management Software
 Customize Payroll Component

Payroll Component

All basic elements needed for the calculations of employee remunerations are defined as payroll components. Highly flexible and configurable set of rules allow you to add and configure payroll components such as earnings types like Basic, HRA, multiple deduction, tax types and more . Custom formula can be defined for components, as well as variable component can also be added allowing HR team to manage specific requirement as per their organizational policies. Component related to employee's overtime payout can be added which is integrated with attendance and overtime module.

Tax Management & Compliance

SaralPayroll Tax Management allows you to calculate income tax as per Indian Income Tax rules thus saving time of your finance department. Tax Management & Compliance quickly reacts to automatic updates of tax tables and deliver these seamlessly to you as needed which helps you to reduce the risk of penalties related to noncompliance with new or updated regulations.

Tax Management & Compliance
Leave Management

Leave Management

SaralPayroll Leave Management module helps you to streamline the entire leave-management process by allowing your organization to set up customized leave policy, lower leave administration costs and ensure a more productive workforce by automating your leave management process.

Appraisal Management Feature


SaralPayroll Appraisal Management module helps you manage bonuses and increments for your employees. The system generates appraisal for all levels e.g. non-management, management level (employee no, name, position, job grade, store, location and country). The bonuses and increments are calculated on the basis of final appraisal rating approved and can be prorated based on an employee's join date.

Employee and Manager Self-Service

Saralpayroll system Employee and Manager Self Service module allows your team to complete their routine task like Leave Application and Approval, downloading Pay Slips , Tax Declaration and more thus allowing HR team to concentrate on core work . Manager Self Service allows managers to access employee leave requests and information. The leaves applied by the employees are automatically routed to their respective managers or the HR officer who may approve, push back or disapprove multiple leave requests with a single click.

Employee Manager Self-Service Software
Employee Reporting & Analytics

Reporting & Analytics

SaralPayroll Reporting and Analytics feature enables you to leverage a variety of Reporting and Analytics tools, allowing, stakeholders to easily export these reports to an external location in convenient formats like PDF, CSV, and XLS. Intuitive charts and graphs can also be generated with the help of Reporting module in the system for a clear understanding of the reports generated. A few of the reports generated by SaralPayroll online software are as mentioned below:

  • Payroll Reports
    1. Monthly Salary Report
    2. Advance Salary Report
    3. Bonus Report
    4. Appraisal Report
    5. TDS Report
    6. Tax Saving Report
  • Leave Reports
    1. Employee Leave Report
    2. Monthly Leave Report
    3. Authorized vs Unauthorized Leave Report
    4. Leave per Type
    5. Leave without Pay
  • Attendance Reports
    1. Monthly Attendance
    2. Employee wise Attendance
  • Overtime Reports
    1. Monthly Overtime
    2. Employee wise Overtime
  • Employee Reports
    1. Monthly Birthday Report
    2. Year Completion Report

Attendance Management

Using SaralPayroll's Attendance Management feature, you can track the attendance and time of your employees automatically. You can also customize it in accordance with the attendance rules of your company. Attendance Management allows your employees to mark their attendance online or from mobile application, monthly reports are generated by the system giving a complete overview on attendance of employees.

Employee Attendance Management Feature
Employee Claims Management Feature

Claims Management

SaralPayroll Claims management offers you automated processes for claim management for salary reimbursement as well as travel related claims thus reducing your effort for claims processing and providing you a paperless claims management. SaralPayroll provides seamless integration with other payroll module for effective management of employee’s claim.